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Seeding & Innovation

NoTraffic’s Rapid Expansion: Pioneering Smarter Urban Mobility

September 30, 2023
NoTraffic is on a roll with its groundbreaking mobility solutions designed to reshape urban landscapes. Recent milestones include:

Seeding & Innovation

Octopai Celebrated as the Unrivaled Leader in Data Discovery and Cataloging by A-Team Group

September 28, 2023
In a remarkable acknowledgment of excellence, Octopai has been crowned the Best Data Discovery and Catalog Solution at the Data Management Awards 2023 by the revered A-Team Group. This accolade pays tribute to trailblazers and emerging stars championing unparalleled data management solutions, especially within the buzzing capital market ecosystem in the USA.

Seeding & Innovation

NoTraffic Celebrated as a ‘Minicorn’ at Emerging Startups Awards

September 13, 2023
The tech startup NoTraffic continues its streak of achievements and recognitions. Tracxn has recently honored NoTraffic as a ‘Minicorn’ in the Emerging Startups Awards, celebrating the company’s impactful contributions to shaping smarter cities of the future.

Seeding & Innovation

Octopai Joins Forces with Azure OpenAI Service to Integrate GPT-4, Setting New Industry Benchmarks

September 1, 2023
Octopai, ever at the forefront of innovation, proudly announces its alliance with Azure OpenAI Service for the GPT-4 integration. This dynamic collaboration promises to marry Octopai’s exceptional metadata management prowess with the unrivaled AI capabilities of GPT-4. The future looks bright, with a flurry of exciting releases on the horizon set to revolutionize the data landscape.

Seeding & Innovation

Rob Hargrove Joins Gavan’s Advisory Board

August 31, 2023
We’re thrilled to announce that Rob Hargrove, formerly of Mondelēz International, has officially joined Gavan’s advisory board. During a previous visit to our lab in Acre, Rob’s insightful feedback on focusing on plant-based solutions for the bakery industry was invaluable. His decision to be a part of our journey symbolizes a significant endorsement of our vision, technology, and products. Welcome aboard, Rob! 

Seeding & Innovation

BEDU Announces Milestone Achievements, Unveils Revolutionary BEDU AI, and Launches its Pre-seed Investment Round

August 8, 2023
We are elated to share the groundbreaking achievements of our portfolio company, BEDU, a pioneer at the intersection of AI and blockchain technology.

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