Real EstateInvesting in dynamic markets and vibrant areas with our strong ecosystem of trusted real estate partners.







DB Real Estate is the real estate investment arm of the group, focused on identifying strategic and niche real estate opportunities in a variety of verticals.

investment strategy

A substantial/strong growth engine in our investment strategy.

As our region continues to build and expand its opportunities, our team and partners are committed to building a strong and fast return on investment in our real estate portfolio.

A diverse portfolio based on data and emerging trends.

Our portfolio enables our partners and ecosystem to enjoy a diverse range of 5 investment verticals and opportunities. From residential to commercial and leisure - we ensure our partners growth potential based on reaserch and analysis.

Well established connections based on trust and respect.

DBs real estate partners include the full range of stakeholders from funding, legal services, logistics, and management services. This ensures a smooth and transparent investment process to support our investors every step of the way.

News & Views

Seeding & Innovation

NoTraffic’s Rapid Expansion: Pioneering Smarter Urban Mobility

NoTraffic is on a roll with its groundbreaking mobility solutions designed to reshape urban landscapes. Recent milestones include:

Seeding & Innovation

Octopai Celebrated as the Unrivaled Leader in Data Discovery and Cataloging by A-Team Group

In a remarkable acknowledgment of excellence, Octopai has been crowned the Best Data Discovery and Catalog Solution at the Data Management Awards 2023 by the revered A-Team Group. This accolade pays tribute to trailblazers and emerging stars championing unparalleled data management solutions, especially within the buzzing capital market ecosystem in the USA.

Seeding & Innovation

NoTraffic Celebrated as a ‘Minicorn’ at Emerging Startups Awards

The tech startup NoTraffic continues its streak of achievements and recognitions. Tracxn has recently honored NoTraffic as a ‘Minicorn’ in the Emerging Startups Awards, celebrating the company’s impactful contributions to shaping smarter cities of the future.