In his wordsMatti Zinder

Our chairman

Connecting like minded partners with mutual values and objectives who bring positive energy to the table are the key to our success.

As a founder and entrepreneur, I have found that setting inspiring and far-reaching goals, a collaborative vision, optimism and honesty are the most powerful foundations for creating mutual success. These are all the foundations and values of our group.

In the past 15 years, I took part in inspiring interactions that served as catalysts for our region’s growth and development. I feel fortunate to have been able to find partners who share these views and are committed and excited to seek business opportunities, overcome challenges, and lead activities that bring the potential of our region to life.

The DB group was founded with a vision to harness advanced technology and create business opportunities that will bring shared success to our region and that, in turn, will bring friendships and peace between people in the Middle East and beyond.

The DB Group encompasses a wide range of companies with our aligned set of values.
We have founded and operate successful businesses in the fields of digital media, ecommerce, fintech, cybersecurity, agritech, real estate and venture capital investments.

All of our businesses are based on sincere partnership, deep mutual respect and on a shared passion for generating success and prosperity through innovation.
This is our culture and tradition and will continue to grow on these values and principles.

I am confident that the continued and relentless quest in pursuing this path will bring an even greater future to our region and spread our belief that positive energy, optimism and true partnership will create a better future in our region and beyond.

We invite you to join us on our exciting and meaningful journey to expand and deepen our partnership and success in the Middle East and beyond.