A passion for innovation
A tradition of partnerships

DB is an investment, seeding, and business cultivating group with a strong affinity to advanced technologies.  For over 20 years we have been initiating and developing exciting technology and business opportunities, creating a track record of success in the MENA region and beyond. 

Our Focus

Seeding & Innovation

We identify game changing technologies and innovation, bringing ideas to life together with strong teams and partnerships, building companies from their initial stages.

Venture Capital

Our group is committed to the growth and success of early stage startups. We work with our portfolio of deep tech early-stage startups and teams, building business engines that will lead them to scale.

Real Estate

Investing in dynamic markets and vibrant areas with our strong ecosystem of real estate partners. Our group identifies strategic and niche real estate opportunities in a variety of verticals.


That business success is based on


Innovation serves as our compass. When we commit to a venture it means that it is game changing and impactful. Innovation is the key.


Optimism is part of our group's DNA. High stake ventures consist of challenges along the way. Optimism helps us push our strategy and efforts.


Trust is the essence of every engagement in our group and with our ecosystem. We build trust, we earn trust and maintain it for decades.


We build and nurture partnerships based on common values and mutual objectives. This has been our belief and operation mode from day one.


Compassion helps us truly immerse ourselves in the challenges our regions encounter. It's also the path to truly creative and effective solutions.


We understand that resilience is a crucial muscle to achieve greatness. We bring it onboard and empower our team and community to develop it.

News & Views

Venture Capital

NoTraffic named winning SME Smart & Safe Award by CLEPA

Congratulations to portfolio co NoTraffic on being selected for their novel and innovative approach to mobility as the winning SME in the field of Smart & Safe 2022 awards by CLEPA – European Association of Automotive Suppliers.

Seeding & Innovation

Distinguished Member Recognition of Green Cross UK awarded to Moshe Nadler

Receiving a distinguished member recognition from Green Cross United Kingdom is one of the highlights of my activity at Agricora, an initiative started by Matti Zinder to help build and promote a strong and independent ecosystem of Foodtech and Agtech in the MENA region.

Seeding & Innovation

Beyond the blue: Interest in spirulina shifts to new applications

As consumers are becoming more interested in sustainability, superfoods, and natural food and drink, spirulina is getting more popular as an ingredient. Several companies that are new and old are devoting significant research and R&D to the micro-algae, hoping to boost its profile as a sought-after ingredient.