DB is an investment, seeding, and business cultivating group with a strong affinity to advanced technologies.  For over 20 years we have been initiating and developing exciting technology and business opportunities, creating a track record of success in the MENA region and beyond. 

Our Focus

Seeding & Innovation

We Identify game-changing technologies, ignite innovation, and build thriving companies from initial stages via dynamic teams and strategic partnerships.

Venture Capital

Our group is committed to the growth and success of early stage startups. We work with our portfolio of deep tech early-stage startups and teams, building business engines that will lead them to scale.

Real Estate

Investing in dynamic markets and vibrant areas with our strong ecosystem of real estate partners. Our group identifies strategic and niche real estate opportunities in a variety of verticals.


Our AI Factory turns today’s most advanced AI technologies and tools into innovative applied business solutions that deliver competitive advantage to our portfolio companies.


That business success is based on


Innovation serves as our compass. When we commit to a venture it means that it is game changing and impactful. Innovation is the key.


Optimism is part of our group's DNA. High stake ventures consist of challenges along the way. Optimism helps us push our strategy and efforts.


Trust is at the essence of every engagement in our group and within our ecosystem. We build, work to earn, and strive to maintain it for decades.


We build and nurture partnerships based on common values and mutual objectives. This has been our belief and operation mode from day one.


Compassion is at the heart of our understanding of the regional challenges we encounter. This, in turn, leads us to work to find creative and effective solutions.


Recognizing the significance of resilience as an essential catalyst for greatness, we embrace and empower our team and community to cultivate this vital trait.

News & Views

Seeding & Innovation

Futora Celebrates Success at SRP Europe 2024 with ‘Best Multi-Issuer Platform’ Award

Futora, a prominent figure in the industry, recently marked an unforgettable night at SRP Europe 2024. The event was brimming with emotions, laughter, and proud faces as Futora received the prestigious ‘Best Multi-Issuer Platform’ award. This recognition from SRP signifies Futora’s excellence and innovation in the field.

Seeding & Innovation

NoTraffic Receives Certification from Florida Department of Transportation (FDoT)

NoTraffic, a trailblazer in mobility platforms, has secured approval from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDoT) to operate within the southeastern US state. This certification marks a significant milestone for NoTraffic, enabling the deployment of its cutting-edge traffic management solutions across various agencies in Florida. The initiative aims to enhance traffic efficiency, safety, and pave the way for connected vehicles.

Seeding & Innovation

Cervello Wins “Most Innovative Security Company of the Year” – Globee Awards

Cervello, the global leader in rail cybersecurity, proudly announces its recognition in the ‘Most Innovative Security Company of the Year’ category at the 20th Annual 2024 Globee Cybersecurity Awards. This achievement underscores Cervello’s unwavering dedication to innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness in the rail cybersecurity domain.