Letter From The Chairman; Partnerships


To the DB community, 

In today’s globalized world, strong partnerships are essential for achieving sustainable success. These collaborations extend beyond transactions; they are built on deep, meaningful connections that foster a foundation for shared growth and prosperity.

The key to forming successful partnerships lies in understanding that success is a two-way street. It’s about creating mutually beneficial relationships where all parties gain value. Achieving this requires a nuanced approach. We must possess a profound understanding and respect for the local business cultures we operate in.

The current market landscape is constantly evolving. To truly thrive in this dynamic environment, we must go beyond presenting financial results. It’s about creating something truly remarkable, something that leaves a lasting positive impact.

At DB Group, we believe that cultivating strong relationships forms the core of our success. We actively cultivate trust by fostering genuine connections with our partners.  This, combined with a deep understanding of cultural nuances, allows us to create lasting legacies through impactful collaborations. It is through these enduring partnerships that we contribute to shaping a brighter future, a future built on excellence and shared success.


Matti Zinder

Founder & Chairman

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