Octopai And Demand Chain AI Forge a Game-Changing Partnership to Usher in a New Era of Digital Transformation

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Unleashing a new wave of innovation, Octopai, a global frontrunner in data lineage and business intelligence automation, teams up with Demand Chain AI, masters of AI-driven demand forecasting and supply chain optimization. This strategic partnership is poised to redefine data clarity, supercharge supply chain procedures, and provide unparalleled data-driven insights, heralding a groundbreaking transformation for forward-thinking organizations.

Read More: https://www.octopai.com/octopai-and-demand-chain-ai-announce-strategic-partnership-to-accelerate-digital-transformation/

About Octopai:

Octopai is a leading Data Intelligence Platform serving enterprises globally. Our innovative metadata management solution instantly maps and tracks data assets even in complex, multi-vendor data ecosystems. Octopai has effortless no-code, low-touch implementation, with out-of-the-box support of hundreds of modern and legacy technologies. With data lineage, an automated data catalog and data discovery, Octopai enables data teams to trust and control their data so the organization can make smarter, quicker decisions.

Octopai website: https://www.octopai.com/

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