BEDU Announces Milestone Achievements, Unveils Revolutionary BEDU AI, and Launches its Pre-seed Investment Round

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We are elated to share the groundbreaking achievements of our portfolio company, BEDU, a pioneer at the intersection of AI and blockchain technology.

BEDU’s recent milestones, including their innovative “From Desert to Mars” digital art collection and the 2117 Mars colonization virtual experience, are reshaping the digital frontier. Their commitment to community engagement, as seen with the UAE NFT KeyPass, is a testament to their forward-thinking approach.

Their visionary roadmap, which includes the AI Builder Tool and the harmonious fusion of AI and blockchain, aligns seamlessly with our investment philosophy. BEDU’s AI suite, featuring products like MediaSense, DocuSense, and VoiceSense, is set to revolutionize industries ranging from media to healthcare.

With the launch of their pre-seed investment round, BEDU is poised for global expansion and further R&D. We are confident that this investment opportunity will catalyze BEDU’s growth, and we invite investors who share our enthusiasm for the future of AI and Web3.0 technologies to come on board.

Discover more about BEDU’s innovative journey here:

About BEDU:

BEDU stands at the forefront of AI and blockchain integration, serving a global clientele with cutting-edge solutions. Their commitment to redefining industries, from art to technology, is evident in their diverse product line and strategic initiatives. With a focus on democratizing the power of AI, BEDU is dedicated to empowering businesses, big and small, to harness the potential of digital transformation.

BEDU website:

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