Beyond the blue: Interest in spirulina shifts to new applications

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As consumers are becoming more interested in sustainability, superfoods and natural food and drinks, spirulina is getting more popular as an ingredient. Several companies that are new and old are devoting significant research and R&D to the micro-algae, hoping to boost its profile as a sought-after ingredient.
Gavan’s first challenge was Spirulina; It has an exceptional nutritional value on one hand and a dominant taste on the other, which makes it very difficult to work with.
The result of Gavan’s development is a technology platform for extracting and optimizing proteins a real game-changer for the plant-based industry. 
Thank you Food Dive: News for the food industry and Megan Poinski for showing the new and interesting aspect. Link to article here.
Great job FUL @ Back of the Yards algae sciences (BYAS) for being so creative.

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