Yom Tov AbadiDirector, Finance Investment Division


Yom Tov (Yomi) Abadi, the Director of DB’s Finance Investment Division, is the architect behind the Group's economic frameworks, translating our aims for growth and expansion into concrete fiscal achievements. Yomi’s expertise shapes our investment allocations, portfolio architecture, and tax strategy, and his counsel serves as the cornerstone for the legal and financial planning behind all of our Group’s entities.

With over two decades of expertise in strategic tax law, Yomi provides crucial guidance for the Group’s Financial decision making. Yomi’s nuanced understanding of tax legislation, the capital market, and emerging opportunities, combined with his deep insights into the Group’s objectives, ensures that our financial investment strategy is aligned with our business goals and achievable.

"The essence of a robust corporate financial strategy lies in the delicate balance between granular attention to detail and a comprehensive vision," Yomi asserts. "It's about fostering a financial ecosystem that's as resilient as it is dynamic."