Gal Heller Chief Financial Officer


Gal Heller, the CFO of DB Group, designs and directs financial operations and strategy for DB’s companies and investments. With a deep appreciation for the contribution of diversity in creating abundance, active collaboration and tapping into diverse perspectives are key elements in Gal’s approach to financial strategy development.

In the fast-paced atmosphere of DB Group, Gal leverages his energy, experience and insight to assess every aspect of a situation as it affects financial outcome - from people to strategy to operations - and give financial direction that is keenly attuned to the big picture.

Gal brings to DB Group nearly 20 years of extensive financial management experience at leading firms, most recently in the position of CFO and Operations Manager at a top Israeli advertising agency part of the Interpublic Group (IPG), and prior to that as a corporate audit and M&A team manager at Ernst & Young. Gal excels in financial and strategic business planning, financial and tax due diligence, corporate and investment funding and cross-border complex transactions, as well as financial systems integration and implementation.

“In finance, the factors are constantly changing,” notes Gal. “Add to that DB’s position at the crossroads of the MENA region, and it’s hard to think of a finance role that offers more stimulation or potential for impact.”