Gavan Chosen to Showcase Groundbreaking Ingredient at Häagen-Dazs Innovation Challenge

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We’re thrilled to extend our hearty congratulations to Gavan for their exceptional presentation at the Häagen-Dazs Innovation Challenge!

Gavan’s extraordinary and innovative ingredient, FaTRIX, was showcased to the world, spotlighting their prowess in the sphere of ice cream.

Gavan was selected from a pool of over 160 impressive applicants across Europe to present their breakthrough solution, solidifying their position as pioneers in the food technology sector. This achievement illustrates Gavan’s unwavering commitment to innovation and their drive to continuously redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in the food industry.

We wish Gavan, and all other participants, great luck and success in their future endeavors.

We eagerly anticipate the impact that FaTRIX and Gavan’s innovative approach will have on the ice cream industry and beyond.

About Gavan

Gavan was founded with a mission to improve the quality of food and medicine by better utilizing the natural resources we have without leaving waste.

Gavan website:

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