Gaviti’s Study Reveals a 33% Cash Flow Improvement for B2B Companies Adopting Integrated Payment Gateways Seeding & Innovation

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In a recent study conducted by Gaviti, a prominent accounts receivable collections platform, B2B companies adopting integrated payment gateways have witnessed an impressive 33% improvement in their cash flows. The automation capabilities of these gateways have enabled finance teams to stabilize their receivables effectively and reduce operating costs across the organization.

“Teams recoup an average of 227 hours per month along with better employee retention rates,” says Yan Lazarev, Co-Founder & CEO of Gaviti.

Beyond speedy receivables, dedicated automation technology empowers A/R collections teams with data-driven insights to manage credit smartly and seize opportunities for optimization. As companies navigate towards reduced reliance on financing ventures and increase cash on hand, Gaviti’s solutions offer an efficient path towards new initiatives at lower costs.

Read more about the study here:

About Gaviti

Gaviti is a cloud platform that streamlines your invoice to cash flow with everything you need to control, manage, and automate every aspect of your A/R collections.

Gaviti website:

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