Ori AmdorChief Legal and Commercial Officer


Ori Amdor, our Chief Legal and Commercial Officer, expertly manages the complex legal realities that accompany DB Group’s expansion and growing international portfolio. Ori provides critical guidance for DB Group’s acquisitions and structural strategy in international investments and projects.

A high-energy personality, Ori thrives on variety and diversity. The wide range of industries encompassed by DB Group companies and the multicultural, multinational makeup of their teams are the beneficiaries of Ori’s operational versatility. Leveraging his extensive background in law, Ori adeptly leads DB Group's legal endeavors, orchestrating the company's international tax strategies, mitigating liabilities, and skillfully navigating the multifaceted legalities of global business.

Central to Ori's philosophy is his fervent commitment to fostering cross-cultural connections, a reflection of DB Group's commitment to innovation through collaboration. Ori's leadership not only involves managing critical stakeholder relationships and legal liaisons across borders but also crafting partnerships that resonate with the Group's ethos of building innovative bridges in international markets.

“If you want exceptional business growth,” opines Ori, “you can’t fall into the trap of hesitation and overthinking, or you’ll let too many opportunities slip through your fingers. You need to analyze - honestly, wisely - and then just go DO IT.”