Ori AmdorChief Operations Officer


Ori Amdor is a master of ‘moving things forward.’ From selecting galvanizing business goals and KPIs to facilitating international expansions, Ori leverages his unique combination of business acumen, legal expertise and interpersonal insight to serve as an orchestra conductor of growth for all DB Group companies.

A high-energy personality, Ori thrives on variety and diversity. The wide range of industries encompassed by DB Group companies and the multicultural, multinational makeup of their teams are the beneficiaries of Ori’s operational versatility. In his role as COO, Ori creates defined growth strategies for each DB Group company and skillfully guides their implementation and measurement.

With a background in law, Ori’s operational responsibilities within DB also include those of strategic and legal counsel: crafting highly effective corporate and business structure, coordinating mergers, acquisitions and expansions and ongoing support to DB Group entities and their executives in commercial, regulatory, labor and privacy issues.

“If you want exceptional business growth,” opines Ori, “you can’t fall into the trap of hesitation and overthinking, or you’ll let too many opportunities slip through your fingers. You need to analyze - honestly, wisely - and then just go DO IT.”