Oren SternChief Executive Officer of DB Real Estate


Oren Stern, the Chief Executive Officer of DB Real Estate, merges deep analytical expertise and creative, innovative implementation to achieve outstanding results in real estate development. Oren’s expansive (deleted comma here) yet deftly measured (deleted another comma here) approach to potential projects enables DB Real Estate to swiftly recognize and realize promising opportunities.

With rich experience spanning multiple regions and diverse sectors, in the Middle east, Europe and the US, and from residential to commercial, Oren identifies and decides upon the most promising new real estate projects for DB Group. Based on thorough analysis of viability, sustainability and profitability, Oren handles partnership cultivation, agreements and contracts, as well as project funding, construction and logistics.

His dual insights as both a founder of a real estate investment entity and a legal counsel specializing in property law afford him a 360-degree perspective on the real estate ecosystem. It's this integrated approach that allows Oren to navigate the complexities of development, legalities, and contractual nuances with unparalleled finesse.

“DB’s flat hierarchy and philosophy of innovation means that we’re empowered (and expected!) to think fast, act fast and jump on opportunities that would slip through the fingers of a more traditional, siloed company,” explains Oren. “That freedom is what enables DB Real Estate to achieve exceptional returns.”

At the helm of human resources management, Anat has deftly steered Spiral Solutions' HR operations, fostering a culture of excellence and spearheading innovative employee engagement and retention programs. Her rich experience is further highlighted by her impactful tenure in senior HR roles within the renowned Strauss Group and Comsys Communication, where she was instrumental in refining talent acquisition and development processes.

In her current role as Chief People Officer at DB Group, Anat champions a global HR ethos that underscores the vitality of diversity in driving corporate success. She is adept at empowering local leaders with the tools to implement nuanced, people-centric strategies, thereby paving the way for remarkable achievements across international borders. Anat's leadership philosophy is centered on the conviction that a dynamic and harmonious workforce is the cornerstone of any thriving business, and she consistently delivers on this belief by catalyzing growth and innovation through DB Group's most valuable asset—its people.