Ifa Reist VP Product and Operations


As VP Product and Operations for DB Group, Ifa Reist is the architect responsible for key elements of the company’s strategy, including innovative product development and stellar operational efficiency. Spearheading operational enhancements across departments, Ifa streamlines business processes, defines key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals, and ensures that DB Group companies are offering industry-leading products.

Leveraging her vast experience in the tech world, Ifa has a deep understanding of the data behind DB portfolio company’s offerings, along with client expectations. Ifa’s insights into product development and strategic planning mean that she not only helps teams realize the ultimate potential for products; she also aids them in creating those products as efficiently as possible.

Ifa guides management teams, driving sustainable growth and revenue optimization throughout the organization. Her guidance helps teams maximize a product’s strongest features and appeal to customers, while ensuring that they work smarter, aligning goals and expectations across departments and regions.

“My role is multifaceted, but it’s truly all about balance,” says Ifa. “Optimizing results looks different throughout the company, especially when taking organizational goals, producing amazing products, and employee growth into consideration, but achieving balance is at the heart of everything I do.”