Anat Gur-ArieHuman Resources and Change Management Executive


Anat is a seasoned Human Resources and Change Management executive who excels in weaving inclusivity and diversity into the fabric of corporate culture. Her strategic acumen in human capital management is evidenced by over two decades of propelling HR initiatives that resonate deeply with organizational goals, amplifying team dynamics, and nurturing a workforce that is not only productive but deeply committed.

At the helm of human resources management, Anat has deftly steered Spiral Solutions' HR operations, fostering a culture of excellence and spearheading innovative employee engagement and retention programs. Her rich experience is further highlighted by her impactful tenure in senior HR roles within the renowned Strauss Group and Comsys Communication, where she was instrumental in refining talent acquisition and development processes.

In her current role as Chief People Officer at DB Group, Anat champions a global HR ethos that underscores the vitality of diversity in driving corporate success. She is adept at empowering local leaders with the tools to implement nuanced, people-centric strategies, thereby paving the way for remarkable achievements across international borders. Anat's leadership philosophy is centered on the conviction that a dynamic and harmonious workforce is the cornerstone of any thriving business, and she consistently delivers on this belief by catalyzing growth and innovation through DB Group's most valuable asset—its people.